Direct Assessment Analysis: An Overview

What are Direct Assessments?

Municipal and county agencies provide a variety of public services within their jurisdictions. Most of these agencies use the property tax bill as a conduit to collect their revenue. These charges are not based on value, but on types of services a parcel receives. These direct assessment charges usually appear in the bottom portion of your tax bill.

As a Property Owner, why should you be concerned about these charges?

While there is no way to escape the cost of public services, you have no obligation to pay more than your share. Yet, that is exactly what can happen if your assessments are incorrect. Because of the methods the various taxing agencies use to collect data, such errors occur. If they are not detected, the resulting overcharges can amount to thousands of dollars.


COMMERCIAL RESOURCES is an independent consulting firm that specializes in the review of non-value-related direct assessments of real property tax bills. By staying abreast of the constantly changing laws and ordinances governing direct assessment agencies, we're able to help our clients limit their assessment charges to the absolute minimum. Our expertise has produced more than 43 million dollars in refunds for our clients and laid the groundwork for additional future savings, as well.

Profit from our experience It's Easy...and Risk-Free

At Commercial Resources, our goal is to save you TIME...and MONEY. Just ask us for our help, and we'll tend to all the details, from reviewing the direct assessments on your tax bill for accuracy, to filing the paperwork once we verify that you are entitled to a refund. And we will do it all at no risk to you!

Performance is our yardstick for success. That means if we don't succeed in obtaining a refund for you, there is no cost to you. Furthermore, once your tax bill has been adjusted, we will continue to review the assessments to ensure you are paying no more than your fair share.